OC Library Haul 1

I just moved into my college dorm for my last year of college (maybe). Class doesn’t start until Monday and my one friend at college hasn’t moved in yet. I’d already tinkered with everything in my room that can be tinkered with, I was bored and my new roommate disappeared and I’d walked all around the five sq ft of free walking space in my dorm about a bajillion times and I finally got tired of it so I went to the library. I’d never gone to the local library. I got a library card. Orange County has something like a million libraries, all of which I can borrow from now. !!!!

Exciting. Anyway. I got some books. I also went to a swanky coffee shop before the library to edit some poetry and feel hipster. They made me good, expensive coffee. I’m probably never going back.

I got:

William Carlos Williams. Not his poems, some guy’s little pamphlet thing on him.

Curiosities of Literature, John Sutherland. Looked interesting. A bunch of useless information that’ll up my status as a book snob.

Where I’m Calling From, Raymond Carver. I’m pretty sure I’ve already read most of the stories in here, but I’ve kinda been missing Carver. Glad to be going back to him.

Modern American Poets. Anthology, it’s got things from Dickinson to Ginsberg.

Literature and the Gods, Roberto Calasso. Really excited to read this! Sounds interesting. Talks about “…the role of the gods in the human imagination.”

Cat’s Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut. I wrote my term paper for Literary Theory using┬áVonnegut’s books. I’ve read a few books by Vonnegut and I love him to pieces. I haven’t read this one yet, though I’ve written scholarship that’s touched on it. Vonnegut never disappoints; I’m sure this’ll be weird and interesting. EDIT wow I can’t believe I forgot that I had read this. A good chunk of my paper was on this book. I’m really bad with titles so I guess it’s not surprising. I might dedicate a post to this book later; it’s great and, like so many of Vonnegut’s novels, makes you think outside of yourself.

Bagombo Snuff Box, Kurt Vonnegut. Previously uncollected short fiction. I can’t wait to read these.


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Hakka village

Hakka village


Boat ride in Guangzhou, China

Boat ride in Guangzhou, China

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